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Transaction Notes

1. International freight balance

SENTAI Online purchase platform waives basic international freight for IC materials

When some models (such as fans, cables, modules, etc.) purchase more quantities, are larger, or are heavier, they need to pay the excess freight difference. In case of overweight, our customer service staff will contact you to remind you to make up for the freight.

2. Tariff, commodity inspection, 3C fees

According to national customs regulations: Imported duty-free non-integrated circuit components (such as relays, band-pass filters, attenuators, various modules, cables, etc.) of integrated circuit (IC) categories may require an additional income of 3% -12 % Customs switches, fuses, gas discharge tubes, etc. require commodity inspection and 3C certification fees. If your order includes a model that requires customs duties or other customs fees, our customer service staff will notify you immediately and inform you about the replenishment. Matters.

3. About embargoed models

SENTAI Online strictly abides by the relevant export restrictions of overseas suppliers. However, all models that involve export restrictions / embargoes will not be placed for purchase. The specific situation depends on the shipment of the supplier. Sometimes it may happen that it is temporarily notified that it is within the scope of export restrictions / embargoes before shipment, and a refund is required for cancellation. SENTAI Online will not be held liable for any losses arising therefrom. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we apologize for this inconvenience.

4. Order review mechanism

Due to the possible customs, embargo, etc. of the goods, SENTAI Online sets up an order review mechanism. After the user successfully submits the order, the customer needs to confirm the order by SENTAI Online customer service, and then make the payment after there is no problem. The specific status of order review can be viewed in the member center, or contact customer service online for details.

5. Model data update delay

All data on the SENTAI Online website, except for its own products, are sourced from the corresponding suppliers, which basically guarantees real-time updates. However, because the supplier inventory data is open to the world or the supplier website itself is not updated in a timely manner, there may be some errors in the information such as the spot price and the number of stocks that you see when purchasing. After the order is successfully placed, if the order status is updated to "Confirmed Order", please pay as soon as possible to avoid changes in prices and stock quantities. If you have any questions, our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.

(Reminder: After submitting the order, please ensure that the order status is indeed updated to "Confirmed Order" before making payment to avoid other problems due to unconfirmed after payment.)

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